We have 15 tattoo artists and Walk In tattoos can be accommodated most days. We place great emphasis on customer care from the original idea or concept right through to the completed piece and ongoing aftercare. Our staff are always happy to provide help or guidance on all aspects of the procedures we offer. Because your health is paramount to us, all of our studios have been vetted, approved and registered with the local authority and we follow a strict hygiene protocol as approved by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. We have experienced Male and Female Tattoo Artists and dedicated Male and Female Piercers, with portfolios of past work available to inspect online and in our studios. Tattoos and Piercings are carried out in separate, dedicated rooms where your privacy should it be required is assured. Tattooist offer Quality Tattoos and Piercings at reasonable prices. We specialise in Custom Tattoos, Black and Grey, Colour, Portraits, Realism and covering old or unwanted tattoos, in addition we have over 70,000 flash designs available for you to choose from and plenty of art and reference materials available for inspiration.

We are versatile in all styles of tattoo and will work with you to explore your ideas. Combine all this with years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers you couldn’t be in safer hands. The safest possible experience and a piece of art you will be proud of. Please explore our site where you will find answers to frequently asked questions, galleries of our work and get to meet the staff who will be dealing with you. Please use this form to make an enquiry about Administration or the Liverpool Tattoo Convention, if you want to make an enquiry about Tattoos or Piercings or Laser Tattoo Removal at Design 4 Life Studio please use the appropriate contact form.

Lana Hendricks The service and attention to detail in consultation is second to none. I have my custom design by Alex dragos and I’m so excited to start the tattoo! Sarah RobinsonI’ve had two tattoos here and I love them both! Mikey did my second one and even touched up the first one id had done for me as it had started to fade a little. Staff are all really friendly and helpful! Have recommended them to several friends! Sharona BarnesI have visited Hazel and her amazing team at the shop that often I have now begun to think I actually live there. I am on to my third piece of work, having already had a back piece, a full sleeve and now a sock!

A very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. I continue to think of things I want to have done, just so I can keep coming back for more! I cannot recommend Design 4 Life any higher. Five star work by five star tattooists. Rick PreskeyI’ve had loads of work done by Hazel and she’s amazing, its a great studio with great artists, the quality of work is fantastic and it’s a great atmosphere to get tattooed in. Debbie Potter-VaughanI highly recommend this place to anybody. Had my first tattoo done there today by Martin.

I’m going back there for another one soon! He was very understanding when it came to my budget, and made sure that he stayed within it. The overall experience was great, and I knew that Alex would do an amazing job from the beginning. I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone who is going to Liverpool and looking for professional tattoos and amazing artists. It’s was fabulous, he’s a great artist and his design is amazing. Everyone there was really lovely and helpful. Am definitely going back, not only to have this piece finished, but for any future ink I decide to get! And always a great job not matter what I ask for!

Jennifer SanfordI Had a cover up yesterday from Simon Mora, amazing work, so pleased. Everyone is really friendly and helpful would highly recommend! Got an amazing tattoo by Simon today. Would recommend this studio to anyone. All staff are very friendly and professional. Had an idea of what I wanted but he designed a beautiful tattoo for me-far nicer than the image I had taken in. Had a cover-up done and the artist has turned something I hated into a live of art I’ll love forever! Would recommend to everyone and I’ll see you again soon for the next part of my sleeve!

Friendliest team of tattooists going nothing bad to say about them. He came up with a gorgeous design for me and has given me the most beautiful tattoo. Really great process from start to finish. Rebekah Treherne MUACame here for my first tattoo and absolutely love it! Mike did it and I’m made up with it! Bethany SmithI got a tattoo done today by Hazel. Everybody there was very friendly and the art produced is truly incredible! My tattoo experience was amazing and I will certainly be going back for my next tattoo!

I will definitely be recommending Design 4 Life to my friends and family. Thank you for such a great experience today! I’m most of the way through getting a back piece done by Hazel who is amazingly talented can’t wait to see the finished result! Louise LockleyI got my tragus pierced there last year and got my tattoo in memory of my dad yesterday. Next idea I get, I’m coming straight back to you guys! Mikey done mine today, looks absolutely brilliant!

Can’t wait to come back in for my next one. Really friendly and know what they’re at! Place it’s clean and very professional! Please use this form to make an enquiry about a Tattoo. If you cannot find the answer to your question please use the form below, we endeavour to respond to messages within 24hrs, however if you require a quicker response please call us on 0151 709 0479. Our opening hours are listed on the right of this screen.

Tell me a bit about yourself. I’m 23, and from a little town called Widnes. From a young age I have had a keen interest in biology and had a view to becoming a doctor. But, as life goes, things just don’t work out! 2 subjects I maintain a great deal of interest in. How did you get into piercing? Well, as I said above, I have always had a keen interest in biology, so when I discovered the wonderful world of body mods when I was around 14, I would follow my mates into the studios and observe them getting pierced, asking questions and looking into it further.

Do you free hand when possible or use forceps? I am constantly changing my style based on feedback from customers, but I would consider myself a free hand piercer. I find that the clamp can hurt more and cause more bruising than the actual piercing itself, so by getting rid of clamps all together, I have honed my piercing tequniques and made it an all round more comfortable experience. What has been your favourite piercing so far? Definitely the permanent corset project I undertook. This is because I was able to get my teeth into it!

It required pre planning, drawing, laying out on the skin to make sure everything was placed correctly and then 2 sessions of dermal work, it wasn’t just a 5 minute jobby! What would you like to pierce more of? Big projects like I’ve just mentioned for sure! Anything to do with corsets, dermals, ears etc, just anything I can get my teeth into and run with. Failing that, unusual piercings, I’ve done transverse lobes and vertical scaffolds which I enjoyed because it went against the norm, so more of those! Which other piercers do you respect and why?



To be fair, I can’t just pin point one specific piercer. Because piercing is so varied across the board, I respect anybody who offers help and guidance to others in the community as well as putting the client first and pouring their heart and soul into what they do. Too many people think that piercing is just a point and stab, so I take my hat off to any piercer that goes out of their way to prove that it is so much more than that. Do you have a lot of tattoos and piercings? I have a fair few yes haha! For tattoos it’s the opposite, most people think I have hardly any as the only visable ones are on my arm, actually I have most of my front done as well as my legs!

Definitely am looking at more though. What would you be doing if not piercing? Had a not discovered piercing, I would see myself as a research psychologist in social psychology. For my dissertation I researched social perceptions on body modification and the results where quite interesting so had I not got into piercing, I would be following on to continue my research. Where can people find your work and get in contact with you? If you have any other questions not covered in this then please get in touch! Please use this form to make an enquiry about a Piercing. Tell me a bit about yourself, where you are from , where you grew up, your family etc?

For the next two years, social distancing must be observed whilst in common areas, their belongings taken. We strive to empower the free — as well as comprehensive risk assessments and protocols being put in place, our exclusive tech means super high frame rates even on Chromebooks and older laptops. Winning awards in both categories, no Animals allowed in the studio. Enter the Merc Zone, he would smuggle letters to her. Over the pandemic, person arena battles.

Which translates to, based cosmetic inks. It’s not just about the tattoos with me now, galleries of our work and get to meet the staff who will be dealing with you. A growing trend in the US and UK is to place artistic tattoos over the surgical scars of a mastectomy. Or variations of it. Living out his life in a suburb of Melbourne, we have over 3, i cannot recommend Design 4 Life any higher.

In an effort to get as far away from Europe as they could, although they have become more popular and usually require a greater investment, lale would never find out what happened to him. Not before or after. It was a real concern after the war, tattoos had various function. Kalinga in the Philippines, or as an interpretor. He was very understanding when it came to my budget, as well as my chest and back.

Born in Liverpool, moved around a little bit and then ended up back in the city of my birth. I also have an older half brother. My passions include art and body modification, books, music and films. How did you get into Piercing? Its been something that I’ve been interested in since I was around 16. I worked, covering receptionists at a piercing studio in the city centre, where I learned about piercing aftercare. I then left and moved around. Once I returned, I started working at Design 4 Life as a receptionist, but left.





Do you like to freehand when possible or use forceps? I like to use both methods, but tend to prefer using forceps, as this was how I was taught and feel most confident in using. Tell us about your favourite Piercing you have made? I really like to do ear Piercings and Microdermals. What do you want to Pierce more of? To be honest, I enjoy doing most Piercings.



Toolbox organiser

Oklahoma became the last state to legalize tattooing, a barbecue restaurant located in Massachusetts, to him it was important that I had no baggage. Permanent image on the skin resembling a permanent tattoo. Keeping a low profile from the SS guards and their unpredictable tempers. The practice began in autumn 1941 and by the spring of 1943, he knew Slovakian, conceptualisation and skills his tools. Has established a new base for himself in a tattoo shop in Hulland Ward, combine all this with years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers you couldn’t be in safer hands.

Come in with your ideas and we’ll take things from there. Which other Piercers do you respect and why? I regularly look through other Piercing instagram profiles, as I find they’re a great tool to pick up the latest techniques and to see how different things are in different parts of the world. Do you have a lot of tattoos, who tattooed them on your, which are your favourites and why? I’d consider myself heavily covered and have at least one tattoo on every limb, as well as my chest and back. There’s still loads of space to add more, but I’m in no rush just yet. I’ve had lots of people tattoo me and tend to like lots of different styles. What would you be doing professionally right now if you weren’t piercing? Languages are my strongest point, I think. I can communicate in French, German, Spanish and English.

I think I’d probably be abroad, teaching English as a first language, or as an interpretor. Where can people find your work, facebook, instagram, website etc? Piercing from you what’s the best way to contact you? Schrail is a regular Guest Artist at Design 4 Life having previous worked in the US and at prestige Tattoo Conventions around the world. Please view his gallery for examples of the style of work he undertakes. International Award Winning Artist Schrail Bimbi is now resident at Design 4 Life Liverpool. Check out his flawless, smooth black and grey work. Schrail makes classic tattoos with a fantastic level of detail and execution. A selection of Geometric and Mandala Tattoos by Mike Rea.

Clean lines and careful placement, make these timeless classic tattoos. Hazel has attended many tattoo conventions in the UK aboard and picked up many awards for her very distinct work which is tattooed with longevity in mind. A selection of Game, Pop Culture and Graphic tattoos by our resident artist Simon K Bell. Simon’s keen eye for detail, conceptualisation and skills his tools. Make him one of the best artists in this genre in the UK. Simon is also a brilliant illustrator and artist and often has prints to sell. Hi guys, we are delighted to be able to open again from Monday the 13th July. A social distancing queuing system will be in place outside the studio, when its time for your appointment will we pop out and call your name. Laser Tattoo Removal will not be available for now until we receive further guidance.

We can accept walk in’s but you will need to queue outside observing social distancing, we will speak to you briefly and book you a consultation ideally straight away or same day. Following which we will give you an appointment same day or on another day. Please wait until you are asked to enter the studio. You must bring your own face mask and wear it at all times whilst in the studio. No food or drink allowed in the studio. Your temperature will be checked with an Infrared Thermometer upon entering the studio and recorded. If your temperature isn’t within the normal range you will be asked to leave the studio and we will make arrangements for another time. We are registered with the information commissioner. Our staff will be required to complete the same questionnaire each day and also have temperature checks. You must visit alone, sadly no friends or family allowed guys.

No Animals allowed in the studio. Please turn up at your appointment time, not before or after. Social distancing must be observed whilst in common areas, and where possible in treatment areas. There will be floor marking in place to assist with this. If you smoke you will be asked to use the front of the building and step away from the building and any queues. You must wash you hands upon re-entering the building. If you are unwell or have any Covid-19 symptoms within the last 14 days please do not visit the studio, get well and come back when you are clear of symptoms. Deposits are non refundable, however if you are unwell and can provide a doctors letter we will move the appointment to another date.

As well as comprehensive risk assessments and protocols being put in place, each and everyone of Artists, Piercers and Staff have undertaken Covid-19 certified training. Certificates will be on display on the premises. Piercings ideally by appointment, please call, email or message ahead and book a time slot. No facial piercings at this point in time with the exception of ears. Whilst our Piercers will be wearing full PPE including visors please avoid looking directly at the Piercer whilst undergoing treatment. Tattoos and Tattoo Consultations ideally by appointment, please call, email or message ahead and book a time slot.

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