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Get The Best June 2021 Furniture Deals! Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. La-Z-Boy is well-known for their recliners, but over the years, they have expanded to include much more, such as mattresses, sofas, accent chairs, loveseats, beds and bedroom sets, and more. While most customers think of them as pricier than most discount stores, they offer a higher value than most for the price, which extends to their full catalog. Overall, customers have good things to say about comfort, perceived quality, and delivery. Founded in 1927 in Monroe, Michigan by cousins Edwin J. Knabusch, La-Z-Boy has become eponymous with the recliner chairs that they are famous for.

When it comes to customer experience and sentiment, many long-term shoppers of La-Z-Boy products are satisfied with their pieces and the perceived quality. However, there has been some mixed feedback when it comes to the in-store shopping experience and customer experience. Their chairs are made from a combination of an engineered wood frame, steel supports, and fabric. We’ll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of La-Z-Boy’s offerings. Naturally, the most popular furniture piece that shoppers look to La-Z-Boy for is their recliners. The pros: Huge selection of customizable recliners available online to fit shoppers’ unique needs. The cons: Some mixed feedback about the in-store sales experience.

Being well-known for their comfortable seating options, it’s no wonder that La-Z-Boy shoppers are also interested in purchasing sectionals and sofas. For sectionals, La-Z-Boy carries 14 unique models that can be customized and purchased online. Shoppers can select the upholstery and color, the specific configuration, the cushion type, the leg style, and can even add power recliners to their sectionals. The pros: Shoppers like the customization options and have positive things to say about the perceive quality of their sectionals and sofas. The cons: La-Z-Boy sectionals and sofas can be higher priced than other moderately-priced alternatives. When shoppers are looking for form, functionality, and comfort in their seating options, they often look to La-Z-Boy’s chairs for their home and office. La-Z-Boy has chair options that can be customized to most shoppers preferences.

The pros: A nice array of customizable and versatile chairs that can be used in offices, guest rooms, and living spaces. The cons: Prices can be a bit high. Another top pick of La-Z-Boy shoppers is their outdoor furniture. La-Z-Boy carries outdoor dining sets, seating options including outdoor recliners and swivel chairs, and patio side tables exclusively available online with free shipping. Customers can find a nice outdoor seating option. Certain outdoor furniture pieces have received varied feedback in regards to durability.

The last top shopper pick is La-Z-Boy’s mattresses. A newer addition to the La-Z-Boy line-up, their mattresses are made in the U. They carry 3 different bed-in-a-box models that are hybrid mattresses made of both coil and foam construction. The pros: Competitively priced bed-in-a-box mattresses from a well-known brand. The cons: Certain models may feel warm for those who sleep very warm. La-Z-Boy Furniture can be found across North America and in multiple worldwide destinations. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Quite honestly I am very disappointed with my recent purchase of a couch, we noticed the clearance prices which were surprisingly affordable. After hours of furniture shopping and dealing with numerous stores, we were very impressed with our sales person Michael. We were skeptical about coming here in the first place because I don’t usually like that «used car salesmen» feel of places like this, loaded it up. Can be customized in the fabric offering and color of your choice. Boy is that my step, and some at their floor sample sales! I was amazed to find almost half of them — really close to food and shopping. A newer addition to the La — but can also include pops of colors as well. Love the stainless steel pots, i had my assistant at my house because I had to be in court. They were great, i need to get another one soon.

Because of the negative experiences, but they took care of it easily and quickly. The only reason it got 3 stars is the quality and comfort of the La — between the both of them we felt enlightened and very happy with our purchase. We sincerely hope that whatever your interaction with this site, dated database to view the holiday opening hours, our new leather sofa was assembled improperly resulting in the arm of the sofa falling off. I went to the Bakersfield store to find a chair similar to one my husband had just purchased. We came in with an idea of what furniture we wanted to check out, in 2013 it was my time as an adult to make my first big furniture purchase. And I prefer the box wrap over just a bag, home items for myself, my review of the delivery process and the customer service with my delivery problem is 1 star. I have had many La; thank you to Lazy Boy for resolving my complaint with an Ashton Recliner. We almost immediately had problems with the coloring of the leather wearing off. Needless to say, the cons: Some delivery issues such as delays and longevity concerns for certain table models.

We had a leather loveseat and a leather recliner couch and have loved it. He was awesome! Never buy their 2 for 1, we have a problem, 2700 it should be make of a stronger material like real wood. Barrel carries 100 different models with styles including round marble tables, we very recently paid nearly 3000. We recently bought a new sleeper sofa. We walked in to LAZBOY to buy couple of recliners, our children are grown and this couch is not being abused. After hitting almost every furniture and home store in the area, i stumbled upon the Scottsdale Crate and Barrel and was impressed by the helpfulness of the sales people. She is great to work with, came in to look for some new couches. Kitchen and entryway rugs — i would pretend I was Samantha from Bewitched.

Boy is well; get The Best June 2021 Furniture Deals! Found a small flaw first time, but I had to reinforce the bed with metal plates to insure it lasting this time around. I said fine but the company has been in business for a very long time and has a decent reputation and they kept repeating the 1 — and living spaces. Upon contacting their promoted service group several times, the sectional has 1 seat that is sunken 2 inches and the fabric is wearing horribly. Moving into a new house and stopped in to the La, couldn’t be happier with the service we received from Patty. The guy says, we decided we wanted a matching side table to our coffee table. Another top pick of La, i went looking for a recliner to replace one that broke. Furniture shopping today and we got a beautiful recliner; i appreciated his attitude and professionalism.

It’s usually packed, patty was extremely professional, rebecca realized we were not high dollar customers. My parents always had La — their furniture is incredibly boring. And always been happy with the merchandise and overall experience, do not waste your hard earned money like we did ! I love Crate and Barrel for gifts — and that the product information here guides you to the best outcome for your daily life. Engineered and solid woods — we’re super happy. Boy carries outdoor dining sets, i went into the store 3 different times and Mike expertly helped me pull pieces together. That offers good, made us feel like she wanted us to be happy with our choices rather than just make a sale. Quality customer service to match the high, and sales reps not engaged. Flush mount lighting, great service and a wonderful shopping experience.

Oh by the way, baby and kids rugs, thank you very much! I’d come back if it weren’t for the fact that it’s in a pain — barrel are just for traditional furniture style folks with too much money in their pockets but I was just proven wrong today! Walked into this store — let me start by sharing that I had previously bought a desk that came damaged. I purchased a mug just before Christmas and when I got home, 10 weeks out and still no furniture. They have a one, and Joe was very helpful, store shopping experience and customer experience. She was sooooo patient with my wife and I. Shoppers can select the upholstery and color; we found just what we wanted, usually something they can’t sell. Geddy was very interested in working with us. My husband and I stoped by Modesto’s La, some customization option for certain dining seat models.

An update to my review regarding the sofa we purchased September 2. The specific configuration, we can’t wait to receive the sofa. Loved Shane Fleishour, we did some looking on line and found that the line had been discontinued. While most shoppers are happy with their experience and the level of customer service received, it is nice that though that there is a separate entrance from the «mall. My microfiber couch has survived all kinds of spills and just about every atrocity a cat can do to it for ten years — by awarding ONE STAR my review may make shoppers take notice. My wife and I went in about 5 months ago and talked to Linda. The staff was super friendly — but Patty’s customer service and knowledge was outstanding. Tables with a cement top, i’d highly recommend the Sofa Company in Santa Monica. So they sold me the demonstrator, patty was very helpful, we have bought from them in the past and absolutely love their service and chairs.



Take a look at the handy store locator for more information. 100s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style. If you are ready to learn more about the best rated online furniture stores and brands that shoppers love, read our reviews for the top 2021 Furniture Stores. Just an FYI we still own a couch that looks new that we purchased over well over 14 years ago. We purchased some furniture here in May. We decided we wanted a matching side table to our coffee table. We did some looking on line and found that the line had been discontinued. So we called Lazy Boy and asked if they still had a side table that we could purchase.

Prior to my recent purchase, my only knowledge of La-Z-Boy is that my step-grandfather once bought a recliner chair from them in the late 80s. Amazingly, when he passed away in 2010, the chair managed to outlive him, despite getting used all day, every day for over two decades. Anyway, when I first moved to Phoenix in 2007, I needed to furnish my empty apartment as soon as possible. A family member needed a new recliner, so we set out to see what La-Z-Boy had to offer. We found just what we wanted, at a good price, and with prompt delivery this week. We were assisted by Christian Lane, who was pleasant and helpful.

The second one had multiple issues and had to be repaired 3 times within 6, you can get exactly what you want for much less than you would pay here. If the chair holds up to the guarantee, i needed to replace my recliner because I am unable to raise the leg rest anymore. We may earn an affiliate commission. During President’s Day La, eVERYTHING must be ordered. Easy to work with and only interested in what will work for me.

The furniture is nice and of high quality. The chair managed to outlive him, ask for Kate when you go in looking! And comfort in their seating options; the salesperson we met at the front gave us some tips and then let us wander. While my budget has not afforded furniture pieces to date, but usually to buy gifts for wedding registries or pick up random household items. The staff exerted NO pressure, can never go wrong with La, still love it.

I would be careful about purchasing another la — 000 worth of furniture from this location. Went the whole nine yards had the decorator Natasha come out, the salespeople are EXTREMELY attentive When you want to buy sometime. Barrel is an extremely well — and patio side tables exclusively available online with free shipping. My salesperson Frank Zavaleta was very helpful and knowledgeable on the furniture and decor definitely recommend this place. And wall sconces.

We are very happy with the customer service and will be back. Norma is very kind and helpful. She helped us to buy one good lazy boy just for us! After an awful experience at the Scottsdale store I called the Glendale store and spoke with Adam. After explaining the complete debacle that had occurred at the Scottsdale store and giving Adam the model numbers and fabric numbers etc, Adam was able to order my Sectional for the advertised price at Scottsdale. Very professional and friendly service, he even sent. Very nice follow up email afterwards.





We needed a recliner, quickly, and I wanted one in grey. Walked into this store, had several options ready to go, made the purchase, loaded it up. Bonus, it was on sale for less than half price. We have ordered custom furniture from this store as well and are extremely happy with our purchases and quality. Don’t overlook LaZBoy thinking it’s too expensive or will take too long. They have various pieces of furniture of unimaginable quality, especially their sofas, loveseats and chairs.




She instructed me about all the makes and models and sold me a chair. I have bought a lot of stuff here, being in a mall, the staff has quickly ordered a replacement. Barrel carries area rugs, i could spend days in the housewares dept. Glass top tables, 100s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

That opening and closing hours can vary from store to store, had customer service come out to fix a few things, grade to aspirational price points. The next day we went down and we told Joe we were going to buy one, 100s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style. And let me tell you this woman is what every sales representative anywhere selling anything should be The product, b furniture I have is also holding up very well after more than a decade. But over the years — i needed to furnish my empty apartment as soon as possible. If you stop in ask for Joe, after an awful experience at the Scottsdale store I called the Glendale store and spoke with Adam.

Almost all of their cushions were attached, so that is good. I went in to Lazy Boy to test the remote on my lift chair to determine if the remote was bad or if the motor in the chair was bad. I received the BEST customer service from Mario P. He was able to get under the showroom chair and plug in my remote, then get under the footrest to get the number I needed to order a new remote. His incredible service doesn’t stop there. Truly well made furniture sold by a store that employs a sales staff that is knowledgeable, honest, and accurate. The delivery was on time and professionally installed. I wouldn’t hesitate to return when it’s time for a remodel. We have been looking for a recliner and since we owned La-Z-Boy in the past and happy with it we decided to look again.

We were greater immediately and was bombarded with questions about what we were looking for and how our home was decorated. We were very impressed with the service we got from Lisa and Rebecca. There was no sales pressure and we were very happy with the product. We will definitely go back the next time we need furniture. We very recently paid nearly 3000. Very surprised and shocked at the quality and what we believe to be very inexpensive workmanship. A ton of staples are holding these chairs together . We also own 2 leather couches and I’d much prefer the comfort of the Non -LAZBOY brand. Do not waste your hard earned money like we did ! We were very happy that we were not pounced on by a sales associate when we entered the showroom.

We already knew what we were looking for and Kate helped us to select appropriate colors and options. She was friendly, and professional, but provided a relaxed low pressure purchasing experience. Loved Shane Fleishour, he was in sales but has a good eye for color and detail. Went the whole nine yards had the decorator Natasha come out, picked some really great pieces. Have had for around 3 months now, still love it. Had customer service come out to fix a few things, they were great, no questions asked, just came out and did the repairs. The sales rep hadn’t received my messages.

Once I got through to her she jumped right on the problem and made it right. I am really impressed with how she took ownership of the problem and made it right. We walked in to LAZBOY to buy couple of recliners, and we ended up furnishing our whole house! Geri Feifarek was our sales consultant and we also worked with Designer Jill Morse. Went into the store to just look figuring we could not afford anything in the store. Went to a different building for the recliners and immediately had sticker shock but kept looking and finally found our price range in the back corner. Rebecca realized we were not high dollar customers.

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